Unhealthy Contact Lens Habits You Must Stop Avoid To Avoid Eye Infections

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Unhealthy contact lens habits often expose users to certain eye infections. Contact lenses are a handy and well-liked alternative to glasses. However, to prevent eye infections, they need to be properly maintained and cared for. We’ll go over some crucial contact lens advice in this piece that you should abide by if you want to maintain your eyes healthy.


1. Don’t remove contacts without first washing and dry your hands very well.

Firstly, it is crucial to wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses. This will help prevent harmful microorganisms from entering your eyes, which can cause infections. 


2. Don’t sleep in your contacts 

Secondly, it is recommended to remove your contact lenses before going to bed. This is because wearing them during sleep can reduce the amount of oxygen reaching your eyes, making them more vulnerable to infections. By following these simple tips, you can keep your eyes healthy and enjoy the convenience of contact lenses.


3. Don’t remove makeup before contacts

It is important to remove contact lenses before removing makeup to avoid any potential irritation or infection. Before starting your makeup removal routine, take out your contact lenses to prevent any makeup particles from getting trapped under them.


4. Don’t wash your contacts with tap water

 To prevent eye infections, it is crucial to avoid using tap water when cleaning or storing your contact lenses or lens cases. Tap water may contain harmful microorganisms that can harm your eyes. Instead, use a sterile saline solution or contact lens solution recommended by your eye doctor.


5. Don’t fail to thoroughly rinse your case with a new solution before letting it air dry after every use.

Additionally, the contact lens case itself may contain dangerous germs and other microbes. After each usage, rinse your case with a new solution to avoid the spread of diseases and let it air dry. Once every three months, change your case.


In conclusion: 

Maintaining good eye health requires proper contact lens care. You can lessen your risk of eye infections and improve your eyesight by heeding this crucial contact lens advice. 

Keep in mind that if you feel any discomfort or irritability while wearing contact lenses, you should always consult your eye doctor. We also recommend regular visits to your Optometrist for Comprehensive Eye Exam.


Dr.(Mrs) Immaculata Atumonye

Dr. Atumonye Immaculata(Mrs) is the founder (CEO/MD) of Immalik eye care since 2015. As a 2005 Doctor of optometry (OD) and a certified member of the Nigeria Optometric Association (MNOA), she has served in many eye clinics as a consultant optometrist. Dr. Atumonye is happily married and is a devout Christian.


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