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Why wait? Good sight, good life!

A Wide Range Of
Optometry Services For The Whole Family.

We help to screen you or your family for primary eye conditions. This includes eye diseases or refractive conditions. Should there be any need for you to get further eye care needs, we do not hesitate to refer you to an appropriate specialty. 

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Optometrist in Egbeda,
Lagos Nigeria

Welcome to Immalik Eyecare



Eye Care & Optical Services in Egbeda, Lagos, Nigeria.


Serving the whole family


What we do

Immalik Eyecare is committed to giving you adequate eyecare.

Good sight is a good life. We are here to provide you with a comprehensive optometry eye care examination to enable you and your family to have a quality life.


Comprehensive Eye Examination

Optimal vision health improves your quality of life. Be assured of detailed refraction to determine the visual condition of your eyes. We thereby recommend appropriate spectacles.



Primary Eye Care

Early detection of certain eye conditions remains the only way to prevent complete vision loss. Through proper diagnosis and management of eye diseases, we commit to offering you quality eye care and professional advice.


Contact Lense Services

Contact lenses are more than cosmetic. They are medicals that require dispensing and management by professionals. We make sure your contact lens needs are met without disposing your eye health to adverse effects.


Good eye health, quality general health


Kids good vision, optimal academic performance


Early detection, blindness prevention

See an Optometrist for a regular eye examination

Having your eyes checked regularly will help guarantee a good and quality life for you. Some medical conditions like diabetes could be detected early.

Eye conditions like glaucoma known as the thief of sight, if detected early through a regular eye exam can save you from incurable blindness.

Children could be struggling in school due to uncorrected refractive errors. Some conditions, when detected early in children could be corrected.

Let a professional optometrist check your eyes regularly. Good sight, quality life.

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